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Meet Chester the old chess king that has fought and won many battles on that 204 square board. Chester has finally decided to retire and go see the world any ware you take him he will be more than happy to go however, he would especially love to have his picture taken at the worlds largest chess board (according to Guinness book of world records) in Canada (Medicine Hat, Alberta). and the worlds largest chess piece in St. Louis (Missouri). and of course the true worlds largest chess board in Thuringia, Germany. he would eventually like to
Date User City State Country Map
6/29/2019 7:58:20 PM MtnMan007 Hytop Alabama United States
6/29/2019 7:31:06 PM MtnMan007 Hytop Alabama United States
6/19/2019 9:34:24 PM WetGround Stevenson Alabama United States
6/19/2019 12:42:33 AM WetGround Stevenson Alabama United States
6/19/2019 12:00:51 AM Stevenson Alabama United States
5/21/2019 2:19:33 PM WetGround Land O Lakes Wisconsin United States
5/19/2019 4:50:37 PM WetGround Wesley Chapel Florida United States

Owner: WetGround

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WetGround 6/19/2019 12:43:50 AM
it is not in GC84QR3 !!! how do I delete a log?
WetGround 5/19/2019 4:55:22 PM
left at

GUID: 6e09cb0a-839e-4294-a849-905e1899960e

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