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Public Code: SFLSERAPHIM-326F

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a small collection of south florida geotrackables trackable #1 created in pompano beach fl on 10/31/2019 description: a small wooden heart with the qr code attached to a chain with metal hearts and small metal bead on the back its engraved with the words "No Lies Just Love" and coated with glitter... I will be dropping this in a cache somewhere in Cassadaga FL. i will update when this makes it to Cassadaga FL. when this is found please transport it to another cache and email a picture of yourself holding the trackable the chain isnt very large but there are available links on it to attach more trinkets.. please do not remove any of the trinkets, but feel free to add more to it. 11/2/19 The trackable has been placed in a cache in Cassadaga FL!
Date User City State Country Map
11/2/2019 9:02:05 PM Sflseraphim Lake Helen Florida United States
10/31/2019 3:12:32 PM Sflseraphim Pompano Beach Florida United States

Owner: Sflseraphim

Users Watching this item: Sflseraphim  

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Sflseraphim 11/2/2019 9:24:26 PM
The trackable has been dropped ??
Sflseraphim 11/2/2019 9:20:42 PM
The trackable has been dropped ??
Sflseraphim 10/31/2019 3:14:14 PM
i will be bringing this with me to Cassadaga FL tomorrow.

GUID: c3d42a49-d3e6-4670-b027-f7c40723dc92

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