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You have been shell shocked with love!!! This is just to tell you that you are LOVED!!!! My mission of The Happy Turtle is to see how many pictures in different places in memory of my son Christian D. Gibb-Trimble who is forever 15 we can get with the #TheHappyTurtle  He felt as though he would be forgotten so I want his memory to forever live on and to spread his story and suicide awareness. Please take a picture of where you are and post on Facebook or Instagram with #TheHappyTurtle and do a random act of kindness to spread a little love! You can find him on Facebook by searching Christian D. Gibb-Trimble Memorial page and The Happy Turtle Foundation page.....feel free to drop in and say hi! Christian Douglas Gibb-Trimble
Age 15
10/9/99-7/9/15 To read his full story please visit his page
Date User City State Country Map
8/25/2020 5:16:21 PM KBotz West Milford New Jersey United States
8/25/2020 5:13:23 PM New York City New York United States of America
8/25/2020 5:11:54 PM KBotz West Milford New Jersey United States

Owner: Rmebraatt

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