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Public Code: KARLHEINZ037-D4EA

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Florida Bound

Take care of MiniMini, she is cute but not totally waterproof. Take her around, but leave her off somewhere for someone else to find. She is trying to get back to Anaheim CA. (Disney Land) - can you help her? Thanks
Date User City State Country Map
4/8/2019 1:30:03 AM Geelong Victoria Australia
1/4/2019 2:39:34 AM Nataliec1234
12/22/2018 10:36:45 AM Hobart Tasmania Australia
12/1/2018 1:50:09 AM aogagent1 Miami Florida United States
12/1/2018 1:45:24 AM Miami Florida United States
11/30/2018 4:35:55 PM Fresno California United States
11/23/2018 7:28:04 PM karlheinz037 Saint John's Saint John Antigua and Barbuda
9/29/2018 1:22:08 PM Davie Florida United States
3/29/2018 4:46:55 PM Miami Florida United States
3/8/2018 5:24:27 PM karlheinz037 Kissimmee Florida United States
3/8/2018 5:17:39 PM karlheinz037 Kissimmee Florida United States
3/8/2018 5:04:50 PM karlheinz037 Sunrise Florida United States
4/16/2017 10:56:03 PM karlheinz037 Miami Florida United States
6/4/2015 8:19:51 PM Bel Air Maryland United States
5/28/2015 6:04:32 PM karlheinz037 Street Maryland United States
5/24/2015 5:19:46 AM karlheinz037 Baltimore Maryland United States
5/24/2015 5:14:22 AM karlheinz037 Baltimore Maryland United States

Owner: karlheinz037

Users Watching this item: karlheinz037  

User Comments

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aogagent1 12/1/2018 1:51:31 AM
Picked it up in Antigua, while on a cruise, then took it to St Lucia, Barbados, St Martin and St Thomas. Heading home with it to Ohio.
karlheinz037 5/28/2015 6:10:11 PM
Dropped off at GC3YGCN today. Goodby little bug. Travel well.

GUID: c069a651-3217-485e-813f-82349235caaf

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