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Public Code: JONO0080-9332

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jono0080 AKA TJSL1

Please take me with you as I am a traceable item not a prize please log me when you leave me :) I like to look out of the windows when I'm traveling xox
Date User City State Country Map
7/10/2023 5:40:34 PM Stephandzack Scotland United Kingdom
7/10/2023 12:34:05 PM Stephandzack Ayr Scotland United Kingdom
7/10/2023 12:28:38 PM Ayr Scotland United Kingdom
7/6/2023 5:04:22 PM Scotland United Kingdom
3/11/2023 4:18:25 PM Carluke Scotland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
6/26/2016 8:18:39 AM New Abbey Scotland United Kingdom
3/6/2016 5:12:55 PM TheRelicHunters Saltburn-by-the-Sea England United Kingdom
3/6/2016 5:08:00 PM Saltburn-by-the-Sea England United Kingdom
3/6/2016 3:18:18 PM Skelton-in-Cleveland United Kingdom
3/1/2016 6:14:23 PM Skelton-in-Cleveland United Kingdom
7/22/2015 7:04:49 PM United Kingdom
6/20/2015 4:34:07 PM United Kingdom
6/20/2015 8:11:07 AM Perranporth United Kingdom
6/20/2015 8:10:29 AM London England United Kingdom
6/15/2015 9:18:58 PM London England United Kingdom
6/12/2015 2:10:20 PM United Kingdom
6/12/2015 2:04:55 PM Newport England United Kingdom
6/7/2015 10:05:45 AM Whitley Bay United Kingdom
4/9/2015 8:38:28 PM lindahadden12 London England United Kingdom
4/9/2015 8:36:41 PM London England United Kingdom
4/7/2015 10:25:05 PM Huslia Alaska United States
4/7/2015 2:15:44 PM Arbroath United Kingdom
4/5/2015 4:46:48 AM Dublin Dublin City Ireland
4/5/2015 3:36:05 AM Dublin Dublin City Ireland
4/4/2015 5:43:37 PM Jono0080 London England United Kingdom
4/4/2015 5:43:00 PM Jono0080 Arbroath United Kingdom
4/4/2015 11:33:27 AM Jono0080 Delph England United Kingdom

Owner: Jono0080

Users Watching this item: Jono0080  

User Comments

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Stephandzack 7/10/2023 12:36:00 PM
Picked Sally up from "the style of oswald" geocache. She came for a walk around the ayr River with us and she's now drying off a bit on our hotel room. Will take her a bit further afield and find her a new place to settle down.
TheRelicHunters 3/6/2016 5:19:08 PM
Dropped of sally the dog in cache called. isla's Hideout. GC1Z4QB The Relic Hunters
lindahadden12 4/9/2015 8:40:23 PM
taking to england

GUID: 3faeab7d-6d5a-4a35-97a9-be244c6a4e22

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