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Public Code: GNOMEOVERLORD-8529

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Great Gnome Hunt

Welcome to the hunt! The first ever worldwide scavenger hunt with gnomes. The goal of the game is to help the gnomes travel all across the world. You can pick up the gnome and take it with you and drop it off along your way for someone else to find. If you have any questions email us at Happy Hunting! Gnome#0059 Original Color: Light Blue
Date User City State Country Map
12/14/2023 7:58:27 PM Burnaby British Columbia Canada
12/14/2023 7:00:54 PM gnomeoverlord West Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Owner: gnomeoverlord

Users Watching this item: gnomeoverlord  

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gnomeoverlord 12/17/2023 9:08:04 PM
Gnome#0059 Original Color: Light Blue

GUID: a44e9b17-92b6-4275-8905-1aa13f3cd572

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