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Public Code: ABSOLUTLUV-E222

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The Odoms

Keep me rolling along!
Date User City State Country Map
9/30/2019 5:08:51 AM briggsson24 Batavia New York United States
9/30/2019 5:05:17 AM briggsson24 Batavia New York United States
8/26/2019 3:50:42 PM Stafford New York United States
8/12/2019 8:59:36 PM absolutluv Clifton Springs New York United States

Owner: absolutluv

Users Watching this item: absolutluv  

User Comments

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briggsson24 9/30/2019 5:12:38 AM
i put in Farrell Pennsylvania, 5 minutes from youngstown oh, geotag GC3aaet. Big Blue for the title
briggsson24 8/26/2019 3:54:37 PM
Picked up in Clifton Springs, plan on moving this asap. unfortunetly i'm back in the original area evidently. will move on next time i'm out, plan on leaving instructions for next finder since you can't log w/ geocaching app.
absolutluv 8/12/2019 9:01:49 PM
Left on I-90 east on the way to Syracuse from Niagara Falls

GUID: f754fdb5-3c38-4119-b856-31f4a4146b7c

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